Internet Connection Sharing Software - CC Proxy Server FAQs

CCProxy FAQs

CCProxy server installation
What's the differences between the demo version and the registered version?
What should I do if I cannot purchase online from your site?
Why I Have Not Received My License after I Have Paid for CC Proxy Software?
What should I do if I lost my register information?
Sometimes I found CCProxy occupied a lot of memory, why?
Why CCProxy is sometimes considered to be a risk?
What should I do to insure the security of my network?
CCProxy default ports?
Why CCProxy keeps on connecting to a special website?
How to turn off the system tray icon of CCProxy?
How to change CCProxy mail proxy port?
What if I lost the administrator password?
How to upgrade?
Can I use the webcam or voice chat of MSN/Yahoo Messenger?
Does CCProxy support PING?
How to use port mapping function?
Can CCProxy support Apple Macintosh?
Using CCProxy in Terminal Services (Remote Desktop)
How to use Web Cached function?
What should I do if I want to access a server in my LAN from an Internet client?
Can I provide proxy service for an Internet client?
What should I do if I want to run CCProxy as soon as the server starting without login?
Why the IP or area of my clients can be still detected while it's behind the proxy server?
Can CCProxy support VPN?
How to enable OpenDNS function?
How to telnet via CCProxy?
Can I implement multiple proxy IP addresses for outgoing on a single box?
How to securely access my Blink electric car charger from outside home?
CCProxy startup failed
Why CCProxy stop work on XP machine with SP2?
Why I get the "Control Service Startup Error" which says that "Cannot connect to the control service"?
Why the "MAC Address" authentication type can not work?
Why cannot run Windows Update in Win XP?
Why I get garbages on the client when surfing via CCProxy?

Client proxy settings
How to receive Gmail(both POP and IMAP) in Outlook Express?
How to set up proxy in Firefox?
How to set up proxy for Norton AntiVirus live update?
How to set up proxy in AVG?
How to set up proxy in Office Outlook?
How to make mail proxy settings in Thunderbird?
How to set proxy in CA Anti-virus update?
How to set time server proxy?
How to setup Google Talk(GTalk) proxy settings?
How to set proxy in Filezilla?
How to make proxy settings for Java?
How to make proxy settings for UTorrent?
How to make mail proxy settings in MS Office Outlook for Hotmail?
How to make mail proxy settings in MS Office Outlook for Gmail?
What if I want to set both Gmail and Hotmail in Outlook Express/MS Office Outlook/Thunderbird?
How to configure proxy for other software?
How to use Internet Explorer to upload/download files to ftp site?
How to make proxy settings for TeamViewer?
How to RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) via CCProxy?

Account management
How to remove CCProxy which is being used by some hacker?
Why it let me enter username and password when I send mail through Outlook Express?
Why I get a dialog box about download files and fail to open when I visit some sites?
Why I can not access FTP sites require authentication?
Why it can not display images properly in an HTML email in Outlook Express?
How to use NT users or Active Directory to verify account?
Can I block access to a user from the admin page without deleting the account?
Why the 'Auto disable at' function is not running?
How to decode the password in Accinfo.ini?
Can I progress account management remotely?
Why the account list deos not update automaticly after remotely configuring?
Can I limit one account available for only one person?
Can CCProxy manage clients with dynamic IP address get from DHCP?
Is there a way to use a text file for the web filter?
Can I apply filter to block MSN messenger's access?
Is there a way to customize the "Forbidden" page? I want to add more words.
How to limit upload/download bandwidth only?
What should I do if I want to allow only several certain sites for clients?
Why the sites display abnormally if I enabled the web filter function and choose "Permitted Sites" type?
What should I do if I want to block some certain sites for clients?
What should I do if I want to block sites with certain content? Such as games, sex, chat and so on.
What should I do if I want to block some exercisable files from Internet?
How to disable client download file?
Why it's slower to access Internet on clients than on CCProxy server?
How many users can CCProxy support at the same time?
Can I enable the web filter for a client while I want to send&receive emails and download&upload files using FTP protocol bypass CCProxy at the same client?
What should I do if I want some certain clients can use only send&receive emails but not able to surfing with Internet browser or FTP?
How to schedule the web filter?
I want to provide anonymous proxsy service, can I still apply web filter?
Is there any way I can get the logs to show me when a site is blocked when accessed thru CCProxy?
How to block TeamViewer via CCProxy?
Can I force the client PCs accessing Internet via CCProxy so as to enable web filters and bandwidth limitation for them?
How to display customized filter message in IE on the client computers?
How to Block Gmail with CCProxy?
How to edit the " Unauthorized ..." page? I want to add more words.

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