Set up Mail Proxy in Office Outlook

2014/07/03 15:53
Suppose your mail account information is - 

login user name(account):aaa 
login password:bbb 
pop3 server address(incoming server address):ccc 
smtp server address(outcoming server address):ddd 
smtp login user name:eee (generally same as login user name) 
smtp login password:fff (generally same as login password) 

Suppose your proxy address is 

You need to change your mail account information in your Outlook as: 

login user name(account):aaa#ccc 
login password:bbb 
pop3 server address(incoming server address): 
smtp server address(outcoming server address): 
smtp login user name:eee#ddd 
smtp login password:fff 

If your smtp server DOES NOT require a username and password that you should go to 'MORE SETTINGS' 
click on the OUTGOING SERVER tab and check MY SERVER (SMTP) REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION, and then in the USERNAME field type and leave the PASSWORD field blank. Put a check in 'REMEMBER PASSWORD' and then click OK then FINISH. 

Notes: if you are using office 2002 or office XP, you need install office sp1 first.

For more details please refer to the mail proxy settings section in the client configuration page. 


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