Cannot Access FTP Sites Requiring Authentication

2014/06/24 17:27

Sometimes, you may get an error as bellow and can not access FTP sites which require authentication.

FTP Proxy Warning

Here's a solution for this issue (suppose the proxy server's IP is -

1. Enable the "DNS" and "SOCKS/MMS" option of CCProxy in the "Configuration" window.


2. On the client, "Local Area Connection Status" -> "General" -> "Properties" -> "General" -> "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" -> "Properties", set the "Preferred DNS server" as the IP address of CCProxy server.

Internet Protocol Properties

3. In the IE or Firefox proxy setting window, leave FTP proxy blank.

Proxy Settings

4. Suppose the FTP site is, username is test, password is test, please input ftp://test:test@ to visit this FTP site.


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