Why "MAC Address" Can Not Work?

2014/07/15 17:48
There are 3 MAC address related authentication types: "MAC Address", "User/Password + MAC", "IP + MAC". To use such authentication types, CCProxy must be able to get the client's MAC address. Otherwise, the client will get error information like "Unauthorized...". 

CCProxy uses port 137 to get client's MAC address for authentication. So you need to make sure port 137 is available on both CCProxy server and client. Sometimes, antivirus software and firewall may block port 137, please check it out. 

On the other hand, you also need to install NetBIOS protocol on the client. 

Local Area Connection Properties

If the client is in the same LAN of CCProxy server, it's easy for CCProxy to get the MAC address of the client. If an external/Internet client, CCProxy may not able to get its MAC address because of the complex network conditions. In that case, you need to use "IP Address" or "User/Password" authentication types instead. 


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