Send Report in email from CyberCop through CCProxy

2016/12/07 00:59
CyberCop is a program that monitor and logs activity of the user stealthily while preventing unauthorized activities. It sends email to in periodic time each day the computer is turned on. 

Problem: Unable to send email from CyberCop automatically when using proxy, in this case CCProxy.

Solution: CyberCopy uses SSL encryption to connect to the email account set to send the emails. So to make it work we need to use port mapping function of CCProxy and forward two ports for email account.

We take here example for Gmail.

The ports to be forward are 465 and 587 for

Refer Port Mapping Function of CCProxy to map the above ports. 

Once mapped it will look like (Figure 1)

Port Map for Cybercop email

Figure 1


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