Add Users Failed

2014/06/30 16:20

Sometimes adding users failed because your CCProxy installation folder is set to read only status for some reasons, please follow the instructions as below to change that, and you can add users successfully.

1) Double click the time text on the bottom right of CCProxy main interface (Figure 1-1).

Open CCProxy Installation Folder

Figure 1-1

2) Right click the blank space in the pop-up CCProxy installation folder and click the "Properties" in the expand menu (Figure 1-2).

Click the Propeties

Figure 1-2

3) Uncheck the "Read-only (Only applies to files in foler)" check box in the "General" tab and press the "Apply" button (Figure1-3).

Uncheck the "Read Only"


4) Press the "OK" button in the pop-up "Confirm Attribute Changes" dialog box (Figure 1-4).

Confirm Attribute Changes

Figure 1-4

5) Click the "OK" to save all the changes (Figure 1-5).

CCProxy Properties

Figure 1-5

Thanks for Muhamed Žižak reporting this problem and providing this solution.


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