CCProxy-Proxy Settings of Popular Software

2014/07/05 15:53

In this section, we will talk about the proxy settings of client software. CCProxy is proxy server software. If the client wants to access the Internet via CCProxy, some proxy settings need to be set up in the client software. Below we provide guides for proxy settings for popular client software. Each guide is based on the assumption that the proxy address is If you know other client software's proxy settings, please email us. We will publish them on our site for the benefit of other users.

Web Proxy Settings

Internet Explorer | Firefox

Mail Proxy Settings

Outlook Express for free email | Outlook Express for company email | Outlook Express for Gmail

Outlook Express for News Group | Eudora | Thunderbird | Office Outlook for free email

Office Outlook for company email | Office Outlook for Gmail | Office Outlook for Hotmail


MSN Messenger | ICQ | WinMX | Yahoo Messenger | Voice/Video Chat Software | GTalk

FTP Proxy Settings

WS-FTP | Dreamweaver | CuteFTP/CuteFTP Pro | Filezilla | Internet Explorer

MMS Proxy Settings

Media Player

RTSP Proxy Settings

Real Player

Telnet Proxy Settings

NetTerm | Java application for Game/Chat room | IRC Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings for Torrent


Proxy Settings for Antivirus Live Update

Norton | AVG | CA Anti-virus

Other Software Proxy Settings

Time Server | RDP Client | More


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