Make Proxy Settings on iPhone

2014/07/09 11:22

Suppose the Wifi account information is as follows.

Wifi Account: Youngzsoft

Wifi Password: 888888

Suppose the proxy server information is as follows.

Proxy Server IP:

Proxy Server HTTP Port: 808

Username: user

Password: user

1) "Settings" -> "WLAN" (Figure 1-1).

Wifi Settings

Figure 1-1

2) Set the username and password to make iPhone connect to Wifi (Figure 1-2).

WLAN Networks

Figure 1-2

3) Click the right arrow next to "Youngzsoft" (Figure 1-3).

WLAN Networks

Figure 1-3

4) Set the IP address (Normally, iPhone will auto obtain the IP address. If it failed to auto obtain the IP, please click the "Static", and enter the relevant information) (Figure 1-4).

IP Address

Figure 1-4

5) Slide down the screen, under "HTTP Proxy", click the "Manual", and then enter the proxy information (Figure 1-5).

HTTP Proxy

Figure 1-5

Server: Input the proxy server IP address.

Port: Input the proxy server HTTP port.

If you have set the "Username + Password" auth type on proxy server, please enable "Authentication" and input the username and password.


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