Make Proxy Settings for Dropbox

2015/09/28 17:52

1) Click the "Dropbox" system tray icon, and then click the "Options" button. Finally, click the "Preferences..." (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

2) In the pop up "Dropbox Preferences" dialog box, click the "Proxies" tab (Figure 1-2).

Dropbox Preferences

Figure 1-2

Proxy settings: Select the "Manual" radio button.

Proxy type: Select "SOCKS5".

Server: Type the server IP address into the first edit box, and then type the SOCKS5 proxy port into the next edit box.

Note: If CCProxy has been set the "User + Password" auth type, then you need to select "HTTP" in proxy type, select the "Proxy server requires a password" check box, and then enter the username and password into their corresponding edit boxes. Dropbox has bug on Socks5 + username + password mode.


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