Make Office Outlook Proxy for Company Mail

2018/06/18 16:42

Note: Before you configure Outlook, please make sure that the "Auth Type" in CCProxy, Accounts windows is set to "IP Address" or "IP/MAC Address". If you have chosen, "User/Password" outlook will fail to connect to email servers.

Suppose the company mail is, the proxy server address is Bellow are steps of how to make mail proxy settings in Office Outlook 2007.

Notes: If you are using office 2002 or office XP, you need install office sp1 first.

1. "Tools" -> "Account Settings" to open "Account Settings" window as Figure 1.

 Account SettingsFigure 1

2. Click the "New" button to open the "Add New E-mail Account" dialog box as Figure 2.

Add New E-mail Account 
Figure 2

3. Click to select the "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" check box (Figure 2), then click "Next".

Choose E-mail Service 
Figure 3

4. Click to select the "Internet E-mail" check box (Figure 3), then click "Next".

 Internet E-mail Settings
Figure 4

5. Configure as Figure 4.

6. Click "More Settings" button -> "Outgoing Server", then configure as Figure 5.

 Internet E-mail Settings
Figure 5

7. In the "Internet E-mail Settings" dialog box (Figure 5), click "OK" to save settings and back to dialog box as Figure 4. Then click "Next" to finish.

Change E-mail Account 
Figure 6


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