Configure IRC Proxy Settings in mIRC

2014/07/07 15:23

1. In mIRC, click on the File menu

2. Select Setup

3. Select the Firewall tab

4. Enable the Use SOCKS firewall option

5. Under Hostname enter the name of the CC Proxy machine

6. Check that the port number is where the CCProxy SOCKS proxy is configured to accept connections on (usually 1080)

7. The User ID and Password fields are redundant and do not require entries

8. Under the Indented tab, check that the Indented server option is disabled

9. Under the Local Info tab, you must enter the IP Address that was assigned to your machine (suggested as being in the 192.168.0 subnet) when it was configured to connect to your TCP/IP LAN. The Local Host name will also have been assigned to your machine and must be entered. mIRC will not be able to detect these fields as CC Proxy does not support reverse look-ups

10. Under Local Info, the On connect, always get: options are not fully understood. It is trial and error as to which of the two options should be enabled to make the application work. Both the Normal and Quick IP method options seem to work

11. The rest of the mIRC set up does not relate to CCProxy.


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