Configure FTP Proxy Settings in CuteFTP

2014/06/24 17:40


Menu "Edit"-> "Settings"-> "Connection"-> In "Firewall" tab: fill in proxy server address after "Host". Port is 2121. Choose "USER user@site" in "Type". Check "Enable firewall access".

CuteFtp Pro

Open menu "Edit"-> "Global Settings"-> "Connection"-> "SOCKS4 & 5"

Choose "Use the highlighted Socks server when connecting"; click button "Add", delete "" in Host, fill in proxy server address. Port is 1080.

Don't choose "Use Authentication". Choose "Socks5".

If you are using CuteFTP 8.3 Professional, the proxy setting is "Tools" -> "Global Options" -> "Connection", you can use "SOCKS" proxy, "FTP" proxy, "HTTP" proxy and also IE proxy settings here.

Global Options 
Using SOCKS Proxy

 Global Options
Using FTP Proxy


Using HTTP Proxy

Using IE Proxy Settings


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