Use different IP for outgoing

2017/05/31 20:25

1. Click "Options" button to open "Configuration" window from CCProxy UI (Figure 1).

Options to configuration window

Figure 1

2. On the "Configuration" window click the drop down next to each protocol (Figure 2).

drop down for ip selection

Figure 2

3. Now, choose the desired outgoing IP from the drop down list (Figure 3).

different ip per protocol

Figure 3

4. Once done, click the "OK" button to save the settings (Figure 4).

save settings

Figure 4

5. Now, all the request to that specific protocol will go through that IP address.

Note: you may have noticed there are three protocol that do not have active drop down (Figure 5).

That is disabled by default as the ports/IP for these protocols are not changed normally so is disabled to prevent any issues.

Disabled options

Figure 5


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