Introduction of Cache

2014/06/18 14:50

1.Enable "Cache"

1) Cache here is based on IE technology. You need to install IE version 4.0 or above. To enable this function, please firstly select "Web Cached" check box in "Configuration" dialogue box, then click the "Advanced" button (Figure 1-1).

Check Web Cached

Figure 1‑1

2) In the popped up "Advanced" dialogue box, click the "Cache" tab (Figure 1-2).

Click Cache

Figure 1‑2

2. Cache Update Time

In "Cache Update Time (minutes)" edit box, type the cache update time. (Figure 1-3) indicates that every 60 minutes, cache update once.

Cache Update Time

Figure 1‑3

3. Change Cache Options via IE

1) Click the "IE" button (Figure 1-4).

Change Cache Options

Figure 1‑4

2) The "Internet Options" dialogue box will pop up, in "Browsing history" group, click the "Settings" button (Figure 1-5).

Browsing History Settings

Figure 1‑5

3) The "Temporary Internet Files and History Settings" dialogue box will pop up (Figure 1-6).

Temporary Internet Files and History Settings

Figure 1-6

Check for newer version of stored pages: To select how to check for newer version of stored pages, so as to make sure the cache stored in the server is the newest version, going with the timely information in the Internet.

Disk space to use: To configure how much space will be used for storing cache.

Move folder: To choose the folder for storing cache files. If Drive C is too small, you can move the data to another drive.

Days to keep pages in history: Configure days to keeping pages in history. Once out of date, it will be deleted automatically by system.

4. Auto Cache

1) Click the "Auto Cache" button (Figure 1-7).

Auto Cache

Figure 1-7

2) In the popped up "Auto Cache List" dialogue box, configure the websites that need cache (Figure 1-8).

Auto Cache List

Figure 1-8

The steps of configuring cached websites are as follows:

a.  In the "URL" edit box, type the website address (such as

b.  Click the "Start at" combo box, select the cache date and time.

c.  Click the "Add" button to add a new cache rule.

To cache other websites, please redo the above steps.


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