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2015/07/17 14:53

CCProxy's web caching function is based on IE web cache technology. It can save the visited web pages in cache. In the specified period of time, when users want to visit the same web page they've browsed, this web page can be loaded from cache directly. Therefore greatly improves surfing speed on the Internet.

How to Configure Web Cache in CCProxy

1) In "Options" dialog box, check the "Web Cached" (Figure 1).

Web Cache-1

Figure 1

2) "Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Cache" tab (Figure 2).

Web Cache-2

Figure 2

Cache Update Time (minutes): this is used for setting the update time of the cache. The longer the update time, the longer the data in the cache can be kept.

IE Cache Options: because CCProxy shares its cache with IE's cache. The size and category of the cache should be revised via IE. Hit this button, popup Internet properties IE's dialog box. In "Internet Temporary Files", click button "Settings". You can then revise the size and category of cache.

Always Load from Cache: means don't update cache. CCProxy always loads web page data from the cache of IE. This function is very useful when user disconnects from the Internet but still wants to browse web pages on the client.

Notes: If you have installed some anti-virus software on the server, we recommend you stop the anti-virus web script protect function. Some of them block CCProxy accessing IE cache file system.


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