Introduction of Others

2014/06/19 11:47

1. Language

You can select one language for CCProxy in the language drop list, besides, press the "download" button can update the language list (Figure 1-1).
CCProxy Language

Figure 1-1

2. Remote Admin

Assume the IP address of the server is

"Remote Admin" is designed for administrators to conduct simple account management via browsers, without logging in servers. The username is "Admin" and its password could be configured in "Admin Password" edit box.

1) After clicking the "Others" tab, select the "Enable Remote Admin" check box. The default port of "Admin Port" is 88 which could be modified accordingly. Type password in "Admin Password" edit box, then click the "OK" button (Figure 1-2).

Remote Admin

Figure 1‑2

2) Type "" in the address bar of browsers to open the remotely login window, please type the username and password (Figure 1-3).

Remotely Login Window

Figure 1‑3

3) Remote admin window is as (Figure 1-4).

Remote Admin Window

Figure 1‑4

3. Password

Need password or not when startup or make settings in CCPrxoy (Figure 1-5).

Configure Password

Figure 1-5

Password Protection: If you select the "Password Protection" check box only, when make settings for CCProxy, you need to input password.

Need Password When Startup: If you want to enable it, please select "Password Protection" first.

Notes: Password here is the same with remote admin password.

4. Auto update

CCProxy will update automatically or not.


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