Use Proxy Server and Mail Server Together

2015/07/15 17:34

If proxy server and mail server are installed in the same machine, in order to use them normally, you need to uncheck the "Mail" check box in the "Configuration" dialogue box. The steps are as follows:

1) On the main interface of CCProxy, click the "Options" button (Figure 1-1).

CCProxy Options Button

Figure 1‑1

2) In the pop up "Configuration" dialogue box, uncheck the "Mail" check box, then click the "OK" button (Figure 1-2).

Uncheck Mail

Figure 1‑2


Mail servers normally use Ports 25 and 110. In order to get away from ports conflict, it is recommended not to set Ports 25 and 110 as proxy protocol ports (Figure 1-3).


Figure 1‑3

If you want to use mail proxy function at the same time, you have to change the mail proxy port. Please refer to this "How to Change Mail Proxy Ports"


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