Configure Proxy Server to Block Websites

2015/07/17 14:55

With the fast developing information technology, Internet is very open, all the news and information spread fast and widely, no matter good or bad. If you're an Internet cafe owner, we're sure that you hate porn and illegal sites very much, because of that, you may get penalty; As parents, we all know that Internet have so much influence, not only want to protect kids from some bad and unhealthy contents, also hope them can learn something good from Internet, keep pace with this modern era, thus, allow kids to surface on Internet become a contradiction. Besides, company administrator need to keep their employees concentrate on their work, school & educational institutions are required to create good and healthy study environment for their students, what we can do?

Proxy Server CCProxy has all-around filter functionality. It can realize Internet filter and web filter, no matter basing on the content or the site itself. Web filter can effectively control the web sites that clients want to visit. That's why it's known as web filter proxy server, easy to block all illegal and unhealthy sites, simple configuration. Now, users all around the world are using proxy server CCProxy to block websites for satisfying their needs, but how to configure the proxy server to make it filter anything you want, please read the instructions as below.

1) Install CCProxy, click the "Account" button on its main interface after running.

2) Create a Web filter rule: check "Site Filter" and "Forbidden Sites" and then enter sites you want to block such as "*.yahoo.*;*.facebook.*" will block yahoo and facebook. The wildcard is usually used for this function (Figure 1-1).

Web Filter

Figure 1-1

Not just that, you make filter by inputting the OpenDNS address in the "Advanced DNS Filter" and defining the whole or partial URLs in the "Forbidden URL" edit box; Meanwhile, CCProxy also support filter web pages with specific characters, by editing and enable the "Forbidden Content", if the web page includes such characters, it will be banned.

3) Enable Web Filter function for the accounts which you want to limit and choose the web filter rule you have created for these accounts (Figure 1-2).


Figure 1-2

After above configuration in proxy server CCProxy, all the websites that you want to block can't be opened, a safe Internet environment you have created, and you can enjoy your time. This article is from CCProxy website about how to configure proxy server to block websites.


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