Connections Limitation in Account

2015/07/17 13:15

Questions about Connections

1) I have set the "Maximum Connections" value as "10", why can I still connect to the 11th webpage?

2) What is the reason that when I am going to visit the webpage, it keeps connecting but never going to the content?

Introduction of Connections

1) Suppose that you have set the "Maximum Connections" value as "10" (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

Note: Clients are only allowed to visit 10 proxy connections at the same time. If you open the 11th connection, there will be a connection prompt. It keeps connecting, but it will not send any proxy requests. However, as long as one of the previous 10 proxy connections is disconnected, the 11th connection will send the proxy request at once.

If CCProxy does not work in this way, after you open the 11th proxy connection, you will find that it is not able to visit the webpage, which will affect the user experience.


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