HTTPS Proxy Server Work with Radius

2020/09/08 19:36


IPSS is Https proxy server software work with Radius.

Users will connect to this Https server for anonymous surfing (in areas where isp or firewall restrictions are applied)

HTTPS Proxy Server for Radius Built by IPSS
HTTPS Proxy Server for Radius Built by IPSS


  • Standard https proxy protocol is needed so regular clients like proxifier connects to it.
  • This server will use another standard radius server for authentications and authorizations.
  • When a user connects for the first time, this software sends a authentication request to the radius server. if successful response is received it sends a starting authorization request to the radius server and connects.
  • After first successful connection this software will cache the authentication parameters like username and password and ip address in Ram and for the rest of connections it will use this Ram instead of sending another authentication requests.
  • If a user was not active for X minutes, it sends a stopping authorization request to the radius server.
  • We should be able to limit concurrent tcp connections to X number per username.
  • Port filtering should be enabled (like blocking port 25 to prevent spam or blocking all ports except 80 and 443.)
  • Each server should handle 500 online users and 5000 concurrent connections.
  • The user's connection speed should not be dropped less than 80% of it's original speed.


If you want to have a try, please prepare the following steps:

  1. Install Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 on VPS.
  2. Install Radius server. We recommend using NTTac Plus or IEA Radius.
  3. Give us the IP address and username/password of your VPS.
  4. Please also tell us the radius' IP, authentication and accounting port, login username/password and encryption key.


USD 100, per month.