Make Office Outlook Proxy for Company Mail

2014/06/24 18:13

Suppose the company mail is, the proxy server address is Bellow are steps of how to make mail proxy settings in Office Outlook 2007.

Notes: If you are using office 2002 or office XP, you need install office sp1 first.

1. "Tools" -> "Account Settings" to open "Account Settings" window as Figure 1.

 Account SettingsFigure 1

2. Click the "New" button to open the "Add New E-mail Account" dialog box as Figure 2.

Add New E-mail Account 
Figure 2

3. Click to select the "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" check box (Figure 2), then click "Next".

Choose E-mail Service 
Figure 3

4. Click to select the "Internet E-mail" check box (Figure 3), then click "Next".

 Internet E-mail Settings
Figure 4

5. Configure as Figure 4.

6. Click "More Settings" button -> "Outgoing Server", then configure as Figure 5.

 Internet E-mail Settings
Figure 5

7. In the "Internet E-mail Settings" dialog box (Figure 5), click "OK" to save settings and back to dialog box as Figure 4. Then click "Next" to finish.

Change E-mail Account 
Figure 6