Configuration of Dual-NICs

2015/07/17 14:37

There are many kinds of network topology environment of surfing the Internet via proxy. Here introduces how to configure dual-NICs:

1. Configuration of NICs

1) There are two network cards on the proxy server, and the one connected to the Internet is called External NIC. The external NIC could be configured accordingly, as long as the server could access the Internet normally.

2) The one that connects the Switch and the terminal is called Internal NIC.

While configuring the internal NIC, please note that the IPs of the internal NIC and the external NIC should not be in the same IP range. Besides, gateway and DNS could be left unconfigured.

2. Configuration of Clients

In the "Local Area Connections" dialogue box, please configure as follows:

1) IP address (the IP address of clients should be in the same IP range with the IP address of the internal NIC of the server).

2) Subnet mask (

3) Default gateway.

4) DNS address (DNS is the IP address of the internal NIC of the server).


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