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CCProxy Online Monitor

2017/09/09 19:05

We will explain the monitor function of CCProxy in this section. CCProxy provides a tool for administrator to monitor the clients' Internet activities.

You can click the "Monitor" button or double click the green grids on the main interface to open the monitor dialog box (Figure 1).

monitor window

Figure 1

Connections: to display the amount of online connections.

Users: to display the number of online accounts.

On the monitor dialog box, you will find three tabs that are Log, Account and IP.

Log tab is used to display the clients' Internet access logs.

Account tab is used to display the account's online information including connections, bandwidth and bandwidth usage.

IP tab is used to display the online information of each IP address such as connections and account name.

Flow Status: to display the bandwidth usage of each user.

Log Analysis: to open the log analysis dialog box.

Send Message: to send messages to the clients.

Note: This function requires both the clients and the server to have started the "Messenger" service.To do this, select "Control Panel -> Administrator Tools -> Services", and start "Messenger". This function is only supported in NT/XP/2003.

Note: In new version CCProxy 20170905 and above we have added function to show local ports for the port mapping in "Monitor" window.

The local port will be displayed in parenthesis/brackets after destination port 

To enable this, add the following line in the "CCProxy.ini" file under [Log] and save it(Figure 2).


setting ini

Figure 2

Log Analysis

Select "Monitor -> Log Analysis" to open the log analysis dialog box (Figure 3).

log analysis

Figure 3

You can select different log files from this list "Log File". The log file is named by date.

User name, Protocol and Filter are used to define the analysis search item.

Clicking "Export" will create an html format file.


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