Sharing Internet Connection with CCProxy

Sharing Internet Connection via Proxy Server

I. Introduction on Sharing Internet Connection and Proxy Server Software - CCProxy

Most small businesses have more than one PC but with only one Internet connection. How to make all of the computers connected to the Internet? Many households are facing same problem too. Proxy server can help you sharing Internet connection with your colleagues and home members even if you have only one modem.

There are many proxy server softwares for you to build your own proxy server for sharing an Internet connection. CCProxy is such a proxy server software, it's easy-to-use, powerful and efficient. With CCProxy you can implement Internet connection share solution in minutes.

As a Windows proxy server software, CCProxy can be installed on various Windows OS versions, it's compatible with Windowsd XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 etc, both 32 bit and 64 bit. CCProxy is mostly used for Windows Internet sharing. The point is CCProxy server is also available for clients with other OS such as Linux, Apple, Mobile OS etc.

For personal users and family users, CCProxy is a free proxy server software, the 3 user free version works the same as registered version. The only limitation is it can support only 3 clients, but for most uncommercial user it's enough.

II. Proxy Server Installation and Configuration for Sharing Internet Connection

Step 1 - Proxy Server Setup and Initialization

  • Suppose the proxy server address is
  • Download CCProxy from the download center, run ccproxysetup.exe and keep clicking the "Next" button to finish the installation.
  • Launch CCProxy on the server for sharing Internet connection(Figure 1).

CCProxy Main Interface

Figure 1

If you get problem in launch CCProxy, please refer to "CCProxy Start Problem".

Step 2 - Create Accounts for Clients on CCProxy Server

After set up proxy server with CCProxy, you can create accounts and specify the authentication type for your own proxy server in the "Account Manager" dialog box of CCProxy as bellow.

Permit All

Figure 2

There are 2 authentication types for you to select:

Anonymous - please select "Permit All" for "Permit Category" as Figure 2.

Authentication required - please select "Permit Only" for "Permit Category" and then select proper "Auth Type" as you wish (Figure 3).


Figure 3

CCProxy supports several authentication types such as "IP Address", "MAC Address", "User/Password" and some combined auth types as you can see in the "Account Manager" dialog box. For sharing Internet connection, we recommend "IP Address" authentication type.

Step 3 - Make proxy server settings for IE on client

  • Go to client computer and open IE window.
  • Open "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" and open the "Internet Options" dialog box.
  • Select "Connections" tab (Figure 4), click "LAN Settings" button and open the "Local Area Network(LAN) Settings" dialog box.
  • Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN", Fill "" in "Address" and "808" in "Port" (Figure 5).
  • Click "OK" button in "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" and "Internet Options" dialog boxes.
  • Now you can browser Internet web sites in IE at the client (Figure 6).

IE Internet Options

Figure 4

IE Local Area Network Settings

Figure 5

Access  to Yahoo through Proxy Server

Figure 6

Besides IE, maybe you also need to make proxy settings for some other network applications such as MSN Messenger, Skype, CuteFTP etc. We have more instructions for you - how to proxy server for various network applications.


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