What If the Proxy Server Crashed

2015/07/15 17:10

The operating environment of proxy server is so complicated that sometimes CCProxy would become crashed, stop in NT service or close automatically. If that happens, you may refer to the following solutions:

1) After opened the installation registry of CCProxy, double-click the "dump" folder (Figure 1-1).

Installation Registry-dump

Figure 1‑1

2) In the "dump" folder, check if there is any files whose file extension is ".dmp". If there is, please zip the "dump" folder and send it to support@youngzsoft.net. So our technicists could analyze the folder and find out the problem (please zip CCProxydll.pdb and CCProxy.pdb as well) (Figure 1-2).

.dmp Files

Figure 1‑2


If the version of operating system in the server is too low (such as Windows2000) or is simplified, the "dump" file would not display normally, so we cannot analyze the problem well. It is recommended to use the operating systems whose version are higher that Windows2000.


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