Why CCProxy Close Automatically

2015/07/15 17:10

While using proxy server CCProxy, sometimes it would close automatically. That is because it is considered to be a virus by some antivirus software. Solution for this is as follows:

1. Close Antivirus Software

Close those antivirus software, then restart CCProxy. However, if you open those antivirus software again, it may close automatically again.

2. Configure CCProxy As Trusted

On those antivirus software, configure proxy server CCProxy as trusted, and then restart CCProxy. In this way, you could use the proxy server and those antivirus software at the same time.


The way of configuring as trusted is different according to different kind of antivirus software. It is recommended to look for solutions in official websites of those antivirus software.

If you have any questions about the safty of CCProxy, please refer to false positive statement for CCProxy.


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