Is CCProxy A Risk?

2015/07/17 04:50

Proxy server CCProxy is sometimes considered to be a virus or a risk tool by some antivirus software but, it's in fact false positive statement just because CCProxy is mostly used for Internet connections sharing with other computers.. 

Please notes: We don't recommended set "Permit All" in Account Manager in CCProxy. Some people will connect to your proxy to send spam emails or do some bad things.

You can also create an exclusive rule for CCProxy when configuring the antivirus software. And if you cannot create exclusive rule for CCProxy.exe, please make exclusion for folder "CCProxy": create a folder named "CCProxy" and then make a exclusion for this folder before installing CCProxy into this existing folder. 

BTW, please make sure you have downloaded CCProxy from our download center. And for antivirus software, we recommend AVG, which has free edition for you.

To improve CCProxy and our services, we need your help! If you find any antivirus software has considered proxy server CCProxy as a virus, malware, risk tool, please just email to us so that we can deal with it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Furthermore, bellow are CCProxy scanner results of 37 antivirus software. You can also scan it by yourself on or


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