How to Dial VPN?

2014/07/16 15:35

To domestic Internet users, many abroad websites are blocked. If you want to visit abroad websites, you have to dial VPN. In most cases, a VPN account can only be used on one machine. However, if you use CCProxy, many clients can access to abroad websites by one VPN account.

Assume the website used for connecting VPN is, and its password is 123456789.

1) On the desktop, right-click "Network", then click "Properties" (Figure 1-1).

Network Properties

Figure 1‑1

2) In the popup dialogue box, click "Set up a new connection or network" (Figure 1-2).

Set up A New Connection or Network

Figure 1‑2

3) In "Choose a connection option" dialogue box, click "Connect to a workplace", and then click "Next" button (Figure 1-3).

Connect to A Workplace

Figure 1‑3

4) In "How do you want to connect?" dialogue box, click "Use my Internet connection (VPN)" (Figure 1-4).

Use My Internet Connection

Figure 1‑4

5) "Type the Internet address to connect to" dialogue box will pop up, in "Internet address" edit box type, then click "Next" button (Figure 1-5).

Internet Address

Figure 1‑5

6) "Type your user name and password" dialogue box will pop up, type your user name in "User name" edit box, type "123456789" in "Password" edit box, then click "Connect" button (Figure 1-6).

User Name and Password

Figure 1‑6

7) As (Figure 1-7) shows, you have dialed VPN successfully.


Figure 1‑7


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