VPN using CCProxy and VPS

VPN service allows you to access websites that are blocked or services that are restricted in your network. As such to access those restricted or blocked website, you need to use

VPN services to bypass it. CCProxy is a proxy server application and paired with a VPS server in a different location will allow you to do the just that.

Here is what you need.

1. VPS server with port forwarded (808,1080 (for socks))

2. Windows OS installed in VPS

3. CCProxy


You need to have a VPS server with Windows OS installed, CCProxy doesnot support linux OS. Once you have the VPS readied, install CCProxy in it and allow it on the firewall.

CCProxy by default uses 808,1080 port but you can change it as required. You need to forward the ports you have set on the CCProxy in your VPS server.

Please refer your VPS Service provider for steps to forward the ports.

Once you have forwarded port, check to make sure they are open and can be accessed using port checker.

You need to make sure that the port for the VPS server ip doesnot show as closed (Figure 1).

port check 

Figure 1

It should say "Port 808 is open on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"

Once the port is open, you can start using your own VPN service.

For creating accounts for CCProxy for connection please refer CCProxy Account Management


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