Register CCProxy in Offline Mode

2018/01/15 00:51

CCProxy has two way to register license, one is online mode and second is offline mode.

1. When you have access to internet in CCProxy installed computer, then you can register the license by putting the serial code in the "License" field and clicking the "Register" button (Figure 1)

Online Registration

Figure 1

2. But when you do not have access to internet or your CCProxy is behind a firewall, then to register the serial code, you need two things.

a. Serial code
b. Register code - To acquire register code refer our wiki Get register code for manual registration

3. Once you have the register code, you can register the serial code by filling the license and Register Code field and clicking the "Register" button (Figure 2).

Offline registration

Figure 2

Note: The "Online Register" and "Offline Register" option is available on CCProxy version 2018/01/09 and newer

For older version please refer our wiki Request for Registration Code when online registration fails


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