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(Updated on Sep 01, 2022) Reseller Apply

The Benefits of Becoming an Authorized Youngzsoft Reseller

How to Become a Reseller


To become a Youngzsoft reseller, you will need to have knowledge of Youngzsoft software and solutions and should be able to help customers setup their systems. Resellers are required to follow up on any leads given by Youngzsoft.

Youngzsoft Reseller Policy

1.You should provide technical support to customers who used your coupon while purchasing. If we get a complaint from any customer about you, we may hold your commission or disable your reseller account.

2. Commission can be withdrawn once a month. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD. We send payment on the 10th of every month.

3. You are only permitted to sell our products within your own country. Customers from other countries may not be provided with purchasing links or codes. Otherwise, we may withhold your commission or terminate your reseller account.

4. If you don't have sales within 3 months, we will reduce your commission rate or disable your reseller account.

5. We will list the top 3 resellers on our purchase page if their sales in the last 30 days are the top 3 locally.

6. You cannot use our product name, company name, logo, price, etc. without our approval, or else we might hold your commission or disable your reseller account.

7. We encourage resellers to add their customers' cafe info into the reseller system. It will be used to settle any disputes between resellers.

If a cafe's information is already in one reseller account and the customer purchased it from another reseller, we will investigate it and maybe transfer the commission to the first reseller

We will judge if a customer belongs to a reseller based on the following rules -

1) Who input the cafe info in our reseller system first.

2) Who is nearest to the cafe shop.

3) What reseller would cafe owners prefer to choose

8. Once we find a reseller selling crack or any cheat action for our customers, we will hold his commission and disable his account forever.

9. You would input the end user information when placing the order; otherwise, the commission will be cancelled.

10. The commission calculation is based on the discounted price.

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