CCProxy - Proxy Server Software for Windows

Youngzsoft - Professional Proxy Software Provider

Youngzsoft provides easy-to-use and powerful proxy software CCProxy since 2000. CCProxy is the first enterprise software product of Youngzsoft. At first, it's just an Internet connection sharing program. With incessant endeavor, it becomes professional proxy software featuring web proxy, socks proxy and mail proxy software, also with Internet access controlling, time control, bandwidth control, web site filtering, web content filtering and so on. In a word, it's not only proxy software but also Internet sharing and access controlling software.

The special point that distinguishes our proxy server software from others is that they are easy-to-use, very small and feature-rich. Without consuming much system resource and complicated configuration, you can share Internet connection and control Internet access with ease. This perfectly matches our goal to provide high quality and easy-to-use Internet server solutions and makes high-end software easily be used by both beginners and pros. Till now, thousands of users over the Internet choose CCProxy as their Internet access controlling solution. As Windows proxy software, CCProxy is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003, 2008 and XP.

As an innovative Internet/Intranet software vendor, we also provide email server software AAMail and PXE boot server CCBoot. We sincerely hope that with our small and smart software, a broad audience's Internet/Intranet experiences will be more practical and enjoyable!

Proxy Software

Windows proxy software with Internet sharing and Internet access controlling

PXE Boot Server

Diskless boot WinXP, Win7, Win2003, Win2008 from an iSCSI target machine

Email Server

SQL Server based email server. Build LAN or Internet mail server easily