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Key Features

  • Screen Monitor: Monitoring remote PCs (snapshot high-resolution DVD quality video / PowerPoint presentation / Flash animation) by an on-screen selector (provides 5 sizes output from 32 x 24 thumbnail to 512 x 384 window) with
    • Full screen switch
    • Remote control
  • Application Monitor: Real-time running software applications monitoring with multiple views
    • Active software application name display view, with "Terminate" function
    • All running software applications icon display view, with "Full path display", "Terminate one" and "Terminate all" functions
  • Screen Show: Projecting the local computer's screen to remote computers. It is a great training helper.
  • Remote Control: Enabling you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse locally.
  • File Fetching / Distributing:
    • Real-time browsing remote PC directories
    • Sending files to ALL remote PCs
    • Sending with instant open files to remote PCs
    • Fetching folders / files from remote PCs
  • Screen record: Recording the screen and audio of the local and remote computer and saving in wmv format.
  • 100% User-friendly GUI. Easy to use. 100% Unicode compliant.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or above
    • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Applications
    • Windows Media Player 9 or above
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • Server Computer
    • CPU: Pentium (III) 300MHz (Recommend Pentium (IV) or higher)
    • RAM: 256MB or higher recommended
    • HDD: 1.5GB of available hard disk space
    • Server Software Size: 36MB
    • Recommend display resolution
    • Single Monitor setting: 1,024x768 or 1,280x1,024
    • Dual Monitor Setting: Primary Monitor – 1,024x768 or 1,280x1,024
    • Extension Monitor – 1,024x768 or 1,280x1,024
    • Network Interface Card
  • Networking Requirements
    • At least ONE network connection
    • TCP/IP Protocols
    • Each computer must have a unique IP address and in the LAN. Consult with the Network Administrator to verify that the IP addresses you intended to use will not interfere with other system components. Set the same subnet mask for all computers. IP address assignment of computer is both supported the static and dynamic (DHCP) methods.
    • LAN Card: 100/1000 Mbps & supports Wake-on-LAN feature.
    • Switch: 100/1000 Mbps; * IGMP filter support recommended


Tel: 086-731-85537391
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