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CMailServer is a mail server software for Windows, which provide web based email service. You can use it to setup your own Internet mail server and provide e-mail service for your company and friends. CMailServer is also an anti-virus mail server and anti-spam email server. It's easy to control your pop3/smtp mail connections. This web mail server provides an open developing interface for web developers who want to customize the web mail pages.

CMailServer is an easy-to-use smtp mail server and pop3 mail server software. Full supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. For more details of CMailServer, please click here. Also you can download it here for a trial.

CMailServer News

CMail 5.4.6 is released.
1. Add RBL anti spam check funtion.
2. Add [spam] in subject if find a spam email.

CMail 5.4.5 is released
1. Fixed a bug in White List.

CMail 5.4.4 is released
1. Remove the limitation of system filter amount.
2. improve anti-spam function.
3. Support Daylight Saving Time(DST).
4. Add Helo settings.
5. If the account is diabled, SMTP is also diabled.

CMail 5.4.2 is released
1. Fixed a bug in zero length email.
2. Add more options in anti-spam. Please refer to "Options"-"Advanced"-"Others"-"Anti-spam options".
3. Fixed some bugs in webmail.

CMail 5.4.1 is released.
1. local group mail sending will not be checked with spamassassin.
2. Fixed a bug in Whitelist.

CMail 5.4.0 is released.
Fixed an emergent bug in registration module.

CMail 5.3.9 is released.
1. Fixed anti-spam: local sending email will not be checked.
2. Fixed anti-spam: add [spam] in email subject.
3. The address book can store 500 addresses.
4. Add two dll files in spamassassin.
5. Fixed a bug in remote pop3 service.

CMail 5.3.8 is released.
1. Added new anti-spam function Spamassassin.
2. Fixed a bug in SSL connection.
3. Fixed a bug in email filter.
4. Clear database after clear email.
5. Fixed a bug in email group.
6. Fixed a bug in webmail forward email.

CMailServer 5.3.7 is released
1. Fixed a bug in mail list. This bug will cause mail lost.

CMailServer 5.3.6 is released
1. Fixed the "text/html" bug in CMailCOM.dll.
2. Fixed a bug in delete account.
3. Added a function "rebuild mail list".
4. Fixed a bug in autoreply.
5. Added 'auto-close' function in popup dialogbox.

CMailServer 5.3.5 is released
1. Fixed the "unknown" problem in mail header.
2. Fixed the "#" problem in password.
3. Added port and SSL settings in POP3 remote.
4. Renamed the sub folders.
5. Added ISP SMTP relay settings in advanced options.
6. Added port conflict analysis at startup.
7. Fixed compatible problems with some software.
8. Added an auto clean temp file function.
9. Fixed some bugs in mail store.
10. Updated help document.

CMailServer 5.3.4 is released.
1. Fixed a bug in sending mail retry interval time.
2. Modify the attachement file name in undelivered mail.

CMailServer 5.3.3 is released.
1. Fixed a bug in HELO command.

CMailServer 5.3.2 is released.
1. Adjust the order of filter and forward as "filter before forward".
2. Add ISP SMTP Sending function.

CMailServer 5.3.1 is released.
Fixe a little bug in registration.

CMailServer 5.3 is release.
1. Fixed a send mail bug.
2. Add more information in the undeliverable email.
3. Modified in AddVirtualDir.dll
4. Modified some text in webmail.

CMailServer 5.2.1 is updated.
Multiple secure holes fixed.

CMailServer 5.0 is updated.

1. Fixed a bug of anti-virus function.
2. Added smtp authentication log.
3. Added two languages - Swedish(Jonas contributed) and Italian(Mark G. contributed).

07/20/2003 CMailServer 5.0 is released.
Below are the new functions:
1. Web remote account control.
2. Supports anti-virus. Requires installing Norton 2003 on server or other Anti-virus software based on gateway.
3. Supports email filter.
4. Supports IP block.
5. Adds option for saving message into outbox to webmail.
6. Supports email forwarding.
7. Adds reply addess function to webmail.

Improvement of Webmail:
1. Adds more supports for email formats.
2. Improves webmail performance effeciency.
3. Supports sending big file attachment.
4. Fixed bugs within CMailServer core.
5. Fixed bugs within Webmail core.

05/10/2003 CMailServer 4.0 patch is released.
Fixed a bug about Buffer overflow.
Fixed a bug about Webmail COM.
Fixed a bug about Webmail Scripts for central european language.
Please download the patch from

10/05/2002 CMailServer 4.0 is updated.
Patched a security hole of web mail.
Added POP3 password protection. Prevent multiple trials of password.
Added NTFS file system compatibility.

08/20/2002 CMailServer 4.0 is released!
1) Fixed the problem of buffer overflow.
2) Developed a brand-new interface of CMailServer and web mail.
3) Added support for multiple domain names.
4) Modified the NT service model and reduced the occupation of system resource.
5) Added a switch of relay mail.
6) Added forward mail function.
7) Added mail backup function.
8) Reinforced remote POP3 mail function.
9) Reinforced logs files function.
10) Added Excel and Text formats for user info export.
11) Added outbox, favorite box and trash can into web mail.
12) Added mail address book into web mail.

01/24/2001 CMailServer 3.30 is released!
1) Reinforced the auto installation of web mail under Win98.
2) Reinforced the functionality of web mail. Support CC, BCC, print, FW, UID, email size.
3) Fixed the attached files download module.
4) Adopt new ways to send and receive Internet emails. Support double DNS.
5) New version can intelligently judge the IP of email sender. Therefore preventing spam emails and alleviating the workload of server.
6) In this version, web administrator is allowed to edit welcome mail to new users and set up email group. Every member in the group will receive the mail that send to the email address of email group.
7) Support abbreviation of local email address. You only need to input the user name when you want to send email to local users.
8) Added new ways of locating email address, which sends recursive requests to Internet root DNS.
9) Adopt sending ways that incorporates mail in queue, mail buffer pool and circulative thread.

10/31/2001 CMailServer 3.25Beta is released for test.
Multiple languages function is added.
In this version, administrator is allowed to modify password.
When sending email to local user, you don't need to input "".
Remote POP3 email can be kept in original server.
The ID generation ways of Mail UIDL is modified.
Reinforced the stability of email sending.

Fixed the "NT service" error in CMailServer 3.23a.

07/03/2001 CMailServer Version 3.2 is released!
Modified user:ip. Service is added.
Modified registration ways, WM_COPYDATA, resource, Multi Run, international version, Auto Minimize, Relay Server, Auto Lock, Need Authorize, Change Password Dlg.
Fixed the problems of Internet mail, remote pop3, and create mutex for user thread.

06/02/2001 CMailServer version 3.0
Modified the DNS error.
Registration ways is modified.
English res is added.
Supported sending and receiving web-based email. Fixed the bug in upgrading.
Email group is added.

05/21/2001 CMailServer version 2.81 is released!
Modified top function of POP3.
Changed the ways of getting Machine ID to read hard disk serial number.
Fixed the error of no welcome mail when applying via web page.
Installation of web mail is added.
Fixed the problem of repeating registration.

04/2001 CMailServer version 2.8 is released.
"Forbidden" function is added.
Sending and receiving email via Internet is stabilized
Fixed the security loophole in web page application at client.
Delete account function is added.
Modified the error "disabled the checkbox" in Modify User Info tab.
Fixed some bugs in login process.
Fixed the loophole in registration.
Mail expressage is added.
Lock function is added.

10/2000 CMailServer version 1.2-2.0 is released!
Support signup mailbox and modify password via web page.
Support use of browser to sign up mailbox, modify mailbox password and info.
In this version, administrator can manage mailboxes at server including sign up,
log-off, password change and initialization. Server can keep the history record.

09/08/2000 CMailServer 1.0 is released!
Support use of Outlook at clients.
You can setup domain name.

08/11/2000 CMailServer 1.0 is released!
You can set up your own mail server in the LAN of company with this application.
CMailServer is easy to use and configure. Helps you sending and receiving emails across the Internet.

CMailServer is a mail server software for Windows, which provide web based email service. You can use it to setup your own Internet mail server and provide e-mail service for your company and friends. CMailServer is also an anti-virus mail server and anti-spam email server. It's easy to control your pop3/smtp mail connections. This web mail server provides an open developing interface for web developers who want to customize the web mail pages.

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