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CMailServer User Manual & FAQs
  1. If firewall installed, which ports need to be openned?
  2. Why SMTP or POP3 service failed?
  3. Why I get the message "Set Virtual Directory failed "?
  4. Why I cannot open the CMailServer GUI interface on Terminal Services?
  5. Why the server returns '500 error' when I logon the web mail
  6. Why "-ERR 550 illegal connection" when sending from web base email
  7. Why I cannot login web mail under multiple domains
  8. How to send and receive mail via browser?
  9. How to set the mail proxy in Outlook to send and receive Internet emails?
  10. How to set up SMTP authentication?
  11. Is it possible to connect an anti-virus software to CMailServer?
  12. How to rebuild mail list in account?
  13. Why I get message "error 554, too many receiver"?
  14. How to upgrade or migrate CMailServer?
  15. Can CMailServer support Apple Macintosh?
  16. Why cannot save email in sent folder in webmail?
  17. Can I expand the amount of contact persons in webmail?
  18. How to use anti-spam function of CMailServer?
  19. How to get CMailServer Webmail COM API interface?
  20. How to catch all wrong address emails?
  21. If the destination email server blocked my email server's IP, what will I do?
  22. CMailServer stopped the MS SMTP service and I cannot use CDONTS?
  23. How to send mail by ASP Webmail
  24. How to install IIS?
  25. How to change "220 ESMTP CMailServer SMTP Service Ready" in the SMTP message?

CMailServer is an mail server software for Windows, which provide web based email service. You can use it to setup your own Internet mail server and provide e-mail service for your company and friends. CMailServer is also an anti-virus mail server and anti-spam email server. It's easy to control your pop3/smtp mail connections. This web mail server provides an open developing interface for web developers who want to customize the web mail pages.

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