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CMailServer - Mail Server Software for Windows

CMailServer, a small and easy-to-use mail server software and web mail server software, will help you build your own mail server over Internet. It enables you to send and receive emails across the Internet or within the LAN and has support for client email applications such as Outlook, Eudora etc. Also supports Hotmail-like web mail service. The web mail function is based on ASP scripts. So you can customize your web mail interface freely. It also supports multiple domain names and SMTP authentication.

Mail Server CMailServer is great for small to medium sized companies that need a mail server. The low cost, easy to use nature and convenient configuration make it a competitive and effective ways to set up mail server for business. Also some ISP providers can use CMailServer as a mutiple domain name mail server and provide email services for your customers.

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Mail Server CMailServer Main Features

  • Support for popular client software Outlook Express and Eudora etc.
  • Supports sending and receiving email via web browser. Fully supports web mail hotmail-like.
  • Supports sending and receiving email via Internet.
  • Allows user to register mailbox, change password, and modify user info via web browser.
  • Allows administrator to create, delete, and disable user's mailbox and set mailbox size.
  • Supports administrator sending email to multiple users at a time.
  • Can generate user mailbox info report in HTML, INI, Excel and txt format.
  • Can be run as NT service.
  • Provides ESMTP authentication.
  • Supports multiple domain names.
  • Can backup all the emails sent by mail server.
  • Provides detailed log file. Can analyze mail server users' visiting record.
  • Supports mail group.
  • Supports mail proxy.
  • Supports Win2000, WinXP, Win2003.

Companies, schools, and organizations can use CMailServer to set up their own email server. Other than processing e-mail communication, telecommunication, and file transfer, CMailServer can be used to connect to the Internet seamlessly. It can send email from the internal of LAN and receive Internet e-mails as well. The web mail service is composed with ASP scripts. You can also set up your own Internet email server at your web site. It can provide not only independent SMTP and POP3 service but also Web Mail service. Via CMailServer, it is easy to set up a number of mailboxes and allocate different storage size to different mailboxes. The latter makes it superior to general toll Internet mailboxes. Furthermore, CMailServer is totally under your control. You won't lose email or give email away. It is convenient, quick, and safe.

CMailServer supports almost all the popular client software. It provides complete Web Mail function, which includes operation of Inbox, Outbox, Trash, My Favorite, signature, and receiving POP3 mails. Users can sign up mailbox, change password via browser. The ESMTP authorization can effectively block the invasion of SPAM and prevent embezzlement of mailbox. Besides, it provides administrator a series of management functions, such as user record, user report generator, group mail notification, support for NT service, and e-mail backup etc.

Simultaneously, Web Mail provides open COM programming connection, which is very convenient for system integration, ERP, or office automation software companies to develop mail related projects or software.

CMailServer has a huge base of users. There are over hundreds of web sites running CMailServer and providing mail service. A large number of users, powerful testing environment and long-term experience of tech support enable us to deal with all kinds of tech problems and difficulties.

System Requirements

1) Hardware: CPU P166+, Hard disk 1G+, RAM 128M+.
2) OS system platform: Win2000/WinXP/Win2003. If you want to use web mail, IIS service is required.
3) If installed firewall, please open port 25 and 110. CMailServer will use these two ports to transfer mails.

CMailServer users' reviews

Martin Halford
"I am evaluating CMailServer and have been very impressed by its functionality and ease-of-use!"

"First of all-I just purchased your product today.. It is fantastic!
I have been following your product since 3.X, and have been holding out waiting for the multiple domain support!"

Stuart French
"Once again I'm astounded by the speed and quality of the service. Have you ever thought about teach Microsoft how to do customer service?"

CMailServer - Easy to use mail server software and web mail server software for Windows

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