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CCProxy - Proxy Software and Internet Sharing Software

CCProxy is easy-to-use proxy server software for Windows, supports broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share Internet access within the LAN efficiently and easily.

CMailServer - Email Server Software and Web Mail Server Software

CMailServer, small and easy-to-use mail server software and web mail server software, will help you build your own mail server over Internet. It enables you to send and receive emails across the Internet or within the LAN and has support for client email applications such as Outlook, Eudora etc. Also supports Hotmail-like web mail service.

iSCSI Cake - iSCSI Target Software for Windows

iSCSI Cake (CCDisk) is a Windows based iSCSI target which shares server's disk, partition, ISO file, or VMDK file with iSCSI initiators/clients. iSCSI Cake provides another choice for enterprise storage virtualization. Client can access remote iSCSI storage as local disk, which supports all disk operations such as partitioning, formatting, read, and write.

CCBoot - Diskless Boot Windows with iSCSI

CCBoot enables diskless boot Windows Server 2003, Vista and Windows Server 2008 with iSCSI. Diskless boot makes it possible for computers to be operated without a local disk. The 'diskless' computer is connected to a hard drive over a network and boots up an operating system from a remotely located machine.

Get MAC Address and Find MAC Address Tool

CC Get MAC Address is a handy tool for finding MAC address and computer name from IP address. You can use it to find MAC address of a computer on LAN even out of your LAN range. It's based on Microsoft Netbios technology. CC Get MAC Address also can be used to Wake On LAN. You can use it wake up any computer on your LAN remotely.

CMailGroup - Email Sharing, Monitoring, Archiving Software

CMailGroup is email sharing, monitoring and archiving software. It can download all company' emails from the external email server and store it on the internal server within company. All emails can use the same public email address to be sent out. CMailGroup can define the email deliver policy, email sending policy and email monitoring policy.

CCFile - PC to PC File Transfer Software

CC File Transfer program is designed to help you transfer file quickly and easily from PC to PC. The simple interface makes transferring file as easy as dragging and dropping. Best of all, CC File Transfer can transfer file over the Internet or LAN/home network using TCP/IP and it's web based file transfer software.

Lan Admin - Employee Monitoring Software

Lan Admin is a powerful management solution for office LAN administration. It provides a set of tools, which enables LAN administrator to manage and monitor the users over the LAN more easily. As an LAN administrator, you can use it to manage the LAN, teach your workmates and monitor remote PCs' activities.


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