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Printer MAC address

MAC address (Media Access Control address) is a quasi-unique identifier consists of a six byte number that attached to most network adapter card or network interface card (NIC). As such, all network cards, whether it’s of Ethernet NIC, Gigabit Ethernet NIC or wireless 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi or HiperLAN adapter, should have different MAC addresses, which also known as Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) or adapter address.

Sometimes it is needed to know the printer MAC address. To access the Registered network, the MAC address of printer must be registered with the network as a form of authentication. Bellow is how to get printer MAC address step by step.

  • Check your printer manual. This is the easiest and fastest way to find the printer's MAC address.
  • Print out a configuration page. Sometimes the test page and the configuration page are the same. Print them from the printer front panel or from the computer. The front panel of the printer will likely have a configuration or tool button. Press it and scroll using the arrow keys to "Print Test Page," then select "OK". To print from the computer, navigate to the printer and right-click. Select "Properties" and choose "Print Test Page."
  • Locate the printer MAC address on the configuration page. It is 12 digits and can be alternatively labeled the "physical address." If the printer MAC address is not listed, find the IP address and continue to Step 4.
  • Open the command prompt by clicking "Start" and typing "CMD" in the "Run" line. Type in the following command: ping (IP address).
  • Look for the physical (MAC) address in the output that follows.

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