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A MAC address contains 12 characters, with digits from 0 to 9, and letters from A to F. The letters may be either upper or lower case. Sometimes each pair of characters is separated by a colon, dash or a space. Sometimes there is no spacer at all.

On a local area network (LAN), the MAC address, also referred to as an ID or hardware address, is your computer's unique identification number. Each device on a network has a unique MAC address; those devices that support both wireless and wired networking will have a MAC address for both network interfaces.

Sometimes we need to know the MAC address of our PC or laptop. Fox example, you want your laptop running Apple OS connect to a wireless network which is MAC address authentication needed. So you should retrieve Apple MAC address OS first of all and here's how.

AirPort Card

The AirPort Card's AirPort (wireless) MAC address is on the AirPort Card, below the serial number. It is shown as the AirPort ID. Each AirPort Card has a unique AirPort ID.

Get Apple MAC Address under Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, getting the MAC address of your AirPort card is simple as going into the Network pane of System Preferences. Choose AirPort from the Show menu, click the AirPort tab, and there it is.

Get Apple MAC Address under Mac OS 9

You can obtain the AirPort Card and Base Station MAC address from the AirPort application, as shown in Figure 1. You need to select Show Details in main AirPort application window to view this information.

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