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Youngzsoft Global Reseller Network

(Updated on Dec 26, 2016) Reseller Apply

Benefits of becoming an Authorized Youngzsoft Reseller

How to Become a Reseller


To become a Youngzsoft reseller, you will need to have knowledge of Youngzsoft softwares and should be able to help customers setup their system. Resellers are required to follow up on any leads given from Youngzsoft.

Youngzsoft Reseller Policy

Steps for Signing Up

  1. Fill up and submit our Reseller Application Form online.
  2. We will review and approve your reseller application.
  3. You will receive your own coupon code and login credentials for our Reseller System.

Reseller FAQs

How to promote with coupon code?

Each reseller have a unique coupon code. You can give this code to your customers and spread it everywhere. When the end user use it to purchase license they get discount and you get commission. Our system will send notification email to you when a customer uses your coupon code. So, you need to provide support services to them, when they need it.

How to use your Coupon Code?

Once, you are verified you will get reseller account and a unique coupon code from us.

Let us suppose, an end user wants to purchase 10 user license at the price of $20 per PC.

  1. You give him your coupon code and they use it to purchase license from us.
  2. If you are using your commission to purchase the license for the customer then you use your code and purchase from us.

How to Put Direct Purchase Link on Your Site

  1. Get purchase links our products from resepective purchase page.
  2. Add "&coupon=YOUR_COUPON_CODE" at the end of the purchase link.
  3. Test the purchase links with coupon added and see if the link is valid. If it works, you can put the purchase links on your website.

How to withdraw commission ?

  1. Login to Reseller Portal page, click on the "Withdraw" button to witdraw commssion to your PayPal account.
    Notes: you can withdraw once every month. In 1-3 work days, we will send the commission to your PayPal account.

  2. You can avoid the PayPal transfer fee by using your reseller commission to purchase license. On the payment page, choose "Commission" on Payment Method field, enter your reseller email and password, and click "Update" button.
    Our payment system will check your reseller commission amount and if it's enough to make payment for this order, the total will be reduced from your commission amount.
    Notes: If your reseller account balance is less than price of the order, then you wont be able to purchase license with commission

How to compute MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)?

This article will show you How to compute MRR.

Reseller Apply

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