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CMailServer User Manual & FAQs

    How to send mail by ASP Webmail

    Set objSMTP= CreateObject("CMailCOM.SMTP.1")
    objSMTP.CreateUserPath("ASPMail:" & Request("REMOTE_ADDR"))
    objSMTP.Subject = "Subject"
    objSMTP.Body = "Body"
    objSMTP.To = "to@mail.com"
    objSMTP.From = "from@mail.com"
    'objSMTP.ContentType = "text/plain" 'send mail in text format
    'objSMTP.ContentType = "text/html" 'send mail in html format
    Set objSMTP = Nothing

    for more information please refer to http://www.youngzsoft.com/download/cmailcom.txt

    CMailServer is an mail server software for Windows, which provide web based email service. You can use it to setup your own Internet mail server and provide e-mail service for your company and friends. CMailServer is also an anti-virus mail server and anti-spam email server. It's easy to control your pop3/smtp mail connections. This web mail server provides an open developing interface for web developers who want to customize the web mail pages.

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