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CMailServer User Manual & FAQs

    If the destination email server blocked my email server's IP, what will I do?

    Open "options" -> "advanced" -> "Internet mail":

    "Try ISP SMTP if direct sending failed": Some Internet mail servers use IP filter function to block spam emails. It also may block the regular emails from your mail server. CMailServer uses this option to solve this problem. CMailServer sends mail to the ISP smtp server first, then ISP forwards this email to the destination email address.
    "ISP SMTP server": input a popular email ISP SMTP server address.
    "ISP email address": input an ISP email address.

    CMailServer is an mail server software for Windows, which provide web based email service. You can use it to setup your own Internet mail server and provide e-mail service for your company and friends. CMailServer is also an anti-virus mail server and anti-spam email server. It's easy to control your pop3/smtp mail connections. This web mail server provides an open developing interface for web developers who want to customize the web mail pages.

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